Amazfit gtr 3 pro an elegant round watch. It weighed in at 32 grams. They won’t be noticeable on your wrist. The entire body of the watch is made from aluminum and has a matte finish, despite its light weight. Its minimalist design makes it look great.
Amazfit GTR 3 Pro uses the current mainstream AMOLED screen with a screen size of 1.45 inches, which is slightly larger than the 1.39 inches of the Amazfit GTR 3. The resolution is 480×480, the pixel density is 331PPI and the screen ratio is 70.6%. Among mid-price range products, the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro screen has the performance of the previous class.
The shell of the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is made of aluminum alloy and the weight without the handle is 32g, which is light in terms of weight. We use it for 14 consecutive days without taking any. During this period, we will not experience discomfort during sleep. Due to its light weight, it has little impact on life and the material of the bracelet is comfortable. are not allergies.
There are 2 physical buttons on the right side of the watch. The button on the bottom right is preset as a sports shortcut. After pressing it, you can choose from more than 150 sports。
The button on the top right of the watch has lines. You can rotate the crown to slide the menu. Short press is the shortcut function key. You can quickly turn on the heart rate detection, barometer, calendar and other functions, and you can adjust the shortcut function list from the App. If you press and hold the button, you can trigger a customized quick
▲There are 6 light sensors on the back of the watch at the center of the circle, and the upper and lower metal contacts are the charging interface.
45 seconds to measure heart rate, blood oxygen, pressure, respiratory index
This level of product certainly supports the measurement of heart rate, blood oxygen, pressure and respiratory index, but Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is more outstanding in that it integrates the measurement into a single function. In addition to measuring separately, you can also use one button. The measurement function measures heart rate, blood oxygen, pressure and respiration at the same time in 45 seconds. It is a very practical function to measure without spending multiple times.
In terms of hardware design, Amazfit GTR 3 Pro uses the newer PPG (Photoplethysmography) optical heart rate sensing technology. There are 6 light sensors in the watch. At present, most of the general products are 4 light sensors. It can be used to measure heart rate and SpO2 blood oxygen concentration. It takes about 30 seconds to measure a single item, and 45 seconds for one-button measurement, which is much faster than the 60-second measurement time in the past.
▲Amazfit GTR 3 Pro supports blood oxygen concentration background measurement, which can record on time without manual measurement.
▲When you wear a watch to sleep, you will record your sleep status. In addition, if you have a nap at noon, you can also see the sleep status of the nap from the App.
▲The sleep status of the day can be checked on the watch, and the length of time of wakefulness, REM, light sleep, and deep sleep will be listed.
▲One of the features of Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is the ability to use the watch to call.
▲In the music playback part, in addition to connecting with a mobile phone, the watch also has a built-in storage space for storing music. The watch can be turned into an MP3 player to play music.
▲Most watches of this level will additionally support barometer and altimeter. The barometer can be set to notify you of severe weather, which can remind you of heavy rain or typhoon conditions.
▲ An altimeter is also matched with the barometer, so outdoor climbing should be more practical.
▲Slide down on the surface, and there will be a shortcut menu, you can set the flashlight, brightness, volume, power saving mode and other functions.
▲Swipe up on the surface is the message field, the notification to be linked can be set in the App.
▲Swipe left and right on the surface is a circular quick information page, including exercise volume, heart rate and other information
▲The watch will display the current heart rate data and display the status of exercise.
▲You can also quickly check the weather, sleep, heart rate and other information of the day from the watch’s infographic card.
Amazfit GTR 3 Pro has quite a few types of satellites. It supports US GPS, Russian GLONASS, EU Galileo, China BDS, and Japan QZSS satellites. The connection speed is very fast.

▲You can check recent exercise data in the watch. The icon shows that AI represents the exercise behavior automatically judged by the system, and the rest are manual measurements.
▲In the mobile phone Zepp, you can see more detailed content of various information. The heart rate part can display statistical data of the day, week, month, and year, and tell you the high and low values and distribution status.
▲Some watches can only measure blood oxygen concentration manually. Amazfit GTR 3 PRO doesn’t have to be so troublesome. It can automatically operate in the background and record it for you.
▲In addition to heart rate, blood oxygen concentration, and sleep, you can also calculate the pressure status and analyze the pressure distribution in your cycle.
▲It is easy to see your sleep status from the chart. If you enable sleep breathing detection, you can also detect your breathing status.
▲Sleep breathing detection can be used as a health warning. If there is a long-term risk warning, you can seek medical assistance.
TAKE A DIPWITH 5 ATM WATER-RESISTANCEThe Amazfit GTR 3 Pro has achieved a water-resistance grade of 5ATM”, so you can enjoy the sea or take a dip in a pool without worry
Amazfit GTR3 Pro: Battery life
Zepp Health says you can expect up to 12 days in typical use, up to 30 days in battery saver mode, up to 6 days in heavy usage and the promise of 35 hours of GPS battery life.
We’d say based on our time, we got around 5-6 days with a mix of anywhere from 10-15% daily drop off. That was with the screen brightness set pretty high, notifications enabled, sports tracking for 30 minutes to an hour a day and with continuous heart rate monitoring and stress monitoring enabled.
For an hour of running, the battery drop-off was generally 5%, which feels similar to what we’ve experienced on Amazfit watches previously.
Put the always-on display into play and that battery will noticeably take a hit and you’re getting a few days as opposed to a week of watch time.
Like previous Amazfit, getting those big battery numbers relies with you being smart and thoughtful about the features you turn on and deciding whether you actually need them on a daily basis.
When it comes to charging, the Pro uses a similar-style charge to the previous GTR and takes around two hours to get from 0-100%, which means it’s around half an hour quicker than the GTR 2, but still not that zippy at charging.

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