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Amazfit is a brand of Anhui Huami Tech, which is one of the earlist manufacturers of watch/ band for Xiaomi.

Huami Technology was founded in 2013. It is a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in the United States (stock code: HMI), and is also the first smart hardware company in China to enter the US capital market.

The company’s mission is to “connect health with technology”. With a “chip + device + cloud” strategy, Huami offers chips, smart wearables, and health cloud services, and expects to build a global healthcare ecosystem and be the most trusted partner for our users.

As a globally leading smart wearable innovator, Huami’s main products are wearable devices such as smart bracelets, smart watches. The company offers seven series of smart watch products under the independent brand Amazfit, including the Stratos series, Basic series, Flagship series, Health series, Fashion series, Outdoor series, and X series. 

As of August 27, 2019, global cumulative shipments of Huami’s smart devices exceeded 100 million units.

In the first three quarters of 2019, Huami Technology’s total shipments reached 27.6 million units, an increase of 50.8% year on year, exceeding the full-year shipments of 2018. Of these, in the third quarter, shipments were 13.7 million units, marking the first time single-quarter shipments exceeded ten million. Revenue of over 3.7 billion yuan was reached in the first three quarters, an increase of 52.9% year on year, and also exceeding the full year of 2018.

Huami Technology is rapidly going global. Overseas shipments accounted for more than 50% in 2019. Amazfit smart watch products are sold in more than 70 countries and regions. Amazfit is one of the top three providers in the local smart watch market in some countries and regions (according to IDC’s 2019 Q3 data).

Huami Technology currently has more than 1,100 employees, and has offices in Hefei, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Silicon Valley.

Recently, the world’s leading IT research and consulting company International Data Corporation (IDC) released a report on wearable devices for the first quarter of 2021. The report shows that Huami Technology (NYSE: ZEPP)’s own brands of Amazfit and Zepp watches global sales exceeded 1.65 million units in the first quarter of 2021 , an increase of 68.8% year-on-year, which was the largest growth rate among the major adult watch brand manufacturers, and the sales volume rushed into the world’s top four for the first time.

Although the world is still under the envelope of the epidemic, Huami Technology watches have always been favored by global users, and sales are still strong. The shipments of Huami Technology during the non-traditional peak season demonstrate the success of Huami Technology products. Strong competitiveness in the international market.

IDC data shows that in the first quarter of this year, Huami Technology’s own brand watches ranked first in the market share of Brazil, Russia, and Spain; ranked second in the market in Italy; ranked third in Poland; Ranked fourth in Germany, India, Indonesia, and Thailand; in Mexico, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom, it ranks among the top six in the market.

It is understood that Huami Technology’s own brands Amazfit and Zepp have achieved rapid growth, mainly due to the growth of the popular Amazfit urban fashion series and the youth version of Mi Dong watches, Amazfit Pop series, Amazfit T-Rex and other models. Public information shows that Huami Technology’s income in the first quarter of 2021 reached 1.1 billion yuan ($175.1 million), a year-on-year increase of 5.4%.The self-owned brands Amazfit and Zepp have developed rapidly, with revenue increasing by 84.4% year-on-year.

Huami Technology is also continuing to increase investment in R&D, sales and marketing. The financial report shows that in the first quarter of 2021, the company’s research and development expenses were 152.3 million yuan, an increase of 28.7% year-on-year,

Huang Wang, the founder, chairman and CEO of Huami Technology, said that Huami Technology will also launch more exciting products with more new technologies.

Established in 2013, Huami Technology is a cloud-based health service provider with the world’s leading smart wearable technology. It is also China’s first smart hardware innovation company to land in the US capital market. The company’s main business is smart watches and bracelets, as well as sports and health-related weight scales, body fat scales and other sports peripheral products. At present, Huami Technology’s smart wearable products have entered more than 70 countries and regions around the world, and the scale of overseas markets is also expanding.

Brand Vision: To free more people to live their passions and express their active spirit. 

Brand Mission: To create dynamic and stylish technology products that promote self expression and positive self-image. 

Brand Value:

We are open to all possibilities. We embrace new ideas and always to look to the future to imagine better ways for people to live, pursue their passions and express their active spirit.

We are bold and take smart risks. We don’t rest on past success, and we learn from our failures. All to ensure we never stand still and keep innovating in service of fueling people’s passions.

We encourage our customers and partners to share in the brand and explore new ways to express themselves and unleash their passions.

We endeavor to enhance every aspect of people’s lives. We consider the whole experience whether it’s entertainment and fashion or fitness and everyday connectivity

(All Above Are Quoted From Huami Amazfit Official Website, Please Be Noted! )

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