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 Sign out of Zepp app and log in again. When you open Zepp app, it will connect with the watch and update automatically.
Uninstall/Install Zepp app, log in the app, and connect again.
Erase Bluetooth Share Data and app caches if you are using an Android phone. Then reboot your mobile phone
Before updating your device, we suggest you fully charge your device or make sure it has at least 10% battery left. Keep your phone screen on and do not perform other operations on your phone during upgrade.

Lane length: The length of the lanes in your swimming pool. The watch will calculate your swimming data based on the lane length you set.
Therefore, every time you change a swimming pool, please set the lane length accordingly so that the watch can accurately record your swimming data.
Lap: under the pool swimming mode, swim for a distance equal to the lane length you set.
Stroke: finish a complete paddling action while wearing your watch on your wrist.
Stroke rate: the number of strokes per minute.
DPS: An abbreviation of distance per stroke, refers to the moving distance after finishing a complete stroke.
SWOLF: SWOLF is an important indicator for a swimmer, which uses scores to make a comprehensive assessment of your swimming speed. SWOLF for pool swimming mode = duration of one lap (in seconds) + number of strokes in a single lap. SWOLF for open water swimming mode will be calculated with a lap distance of 100 meters. The smaller the score number is, the higher the efficiency of your swimming.
Stroke recognition
The watch will recognize your swimming strokes under swimming mode and display the main swimming stroke you use.

 The way our algorithm is designed is to track movement during sleep under typical sleep hours (22:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m). If you are sleeping outside of a typical sleep hour range, the tracker will record as Short naps if the sleeping time is more than 20 mins.
Sleep detection is mainly based on “body movement” + “heart rate”. Body movement refers to physical activity, more specifically, the wrist activity of wearing band/watch (so there may be differences in the results of wearing sleep). When the body movement is small and the heart rate is low during sleep, it is considered as deep sleep. Conversely, when the body movement is vigorous and the heart rate is high, it is considered as light sleep.

nce your indoor running is ended and the recorded mileage is greater than 0.5km, you can select “Calibrate and Save” when saving the records. The calibrated mileage will optimize the algorithm to make subsequent mileage records more accurate.
If the mileage records are still inaccurate after multiple calibrations, you can select “Re-calibrate”.

Yes. Awakening the watch, long press on the watch interface to enter the watch face selection page.
Slide left and right to preview the available watch face. The edit button will be displayed at the bottom of watch face if it supports setting the components.
Select the component to to edit, click the component then slide the screen up or down to replace the component;
After editing, press the side key to complete editing and enable this watch face.

The Battery Saver mode can minimize the power consumption of the watch and improve its battery life. With the
battery saver mode on, the watch can only record steps and sleep time. All other functions are disabled.
To exit the Battery Saver mode, press and hold the Select button.

1. Long press the SELECT button to power on watch, the QR code will be displayed on the screen after start-up.
2. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone.
3. Install and open the Zepp app on your mobile phone, create an account and login.
4. Select watch with QR code to pair.
5. Pairing messages will be received on both the mobile phone and the watch
6. Tap “√” to confirm the connection.

No, you don’t need to turn on Bluetooth on your phone all the time.
Turn on Bluetooth when you need to sync data, receive notifications and update firmware.
Turn off Bluetooth, watch will still track your steps, sleep, activities and vibrate for alarms.

Check if you enter correct user account and password.
Switch the network from WIFI to 3G/4G in the settings of your phone.
Clear Bluetooth Share data and erase app cache/data
Reboot your phone
If the above steps don’t work, please uninstall the app and then re-install it from the Google Play Store/App Store to have a try. If the issue persists please submit feedback via Zepp app, write an email to describe your problem and send your ID to the customer support.

Please understand that the content displayed on the watch is the same as what you can see from the notification bar of the mobile phone. Can you see the App notifications from the notification bar on your phone? Please note that alerts will only appear on the watch if they pop up on the phone.

And a pre-populated list of existing applications on your mobile device will not appear in Zepp app. Only applications that generate notifications will appear in the list and will populate over time as notifications arrive.

Please check the following steps to troubleshoot your issue:

A. Enable the app alerts in the app.

1) Open Zepp app and tap on“Profile” in the lower right-hand corner.
2) Tap on My devices– Amazfit T-Rex Pro
3) Tap on Notifications and Reminders — App alerts to allow Zepp app access notifications
4) Turn on App Alerts
5) Tap on “Manage apps” in the lower middle of the screen and select the app to alert.

Note: If you turn on “only receive app alerts when the screen is off”, you will only receive app alerts when your phone screen is off.

B. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your mobile phone.
C. Check if you enable DND mode (Silent mode) on the watch. Please disable it if it’s enabled.
D. Make sure your phone’s notification bar is functioning.
F. Go to your phone settings, find app notifications, toggle off and on, reboot your phone, restart Zepp app and try again.
G. Go to Zepp app-Profile-My devices -Amazfit T-Rex Pro, tap Run in background to check the settings and make sure that Zepp app runs in background.

If you are using an iPhone, please go to iPhone Settings > Notifications > Zepp app >Toggle on all the alerts. And please make sure you have enabled “others” in Zepp app.

 You can download Zepp app to pair and connect the watch. In Zepp app, the watch data can be synced to Strava /Apple Health/Google Fit/Relive.
1. Log in Zepp app
2. Tap Add accounts in Profile page and choose Strava /Relive to add; For Apple Health/Google Fit, please add Zepp app as the data source in them.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro battery can last 18 days with typical usage.
1. 24-hour wear/sleep monitoring/regular heart rate (10min/ time)
2. Lift your wrist and light up the screen 30 times per day
3. 150 messages per day
4. Blood oxygen test twice a day
5. 90 minutes of outdoor exercise every week
The most power-consuming functions of the Amazfit T-Rex Pro watches include motor vibration and the light of the screen. If you often run for exercise, receive pushed messages frequently, or set a long screen-on duration, then it’s normal that your watch runs out of battery power fast. If you don’t use these functions often, fully charge your watch, turn on Do Not Disturb mode, set the brightness of the watch to the lowest level, turn off the AOD mode, set your watch to the default watch face, and then observe the power consumption after placing it still for 24 hours. If the power

More models will be updated later soon!

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Amazfit T-rex pro Video/ Manuel/ FAQs

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
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