Looking For Amazfit Wholesalers & Retailers

Startsmall Tech is a Leading Amazfit Distributor in the Latin Amercian market. Support our wholesalers and retailers with good price, fast delivery, 1 year warranty to win lots of market and profit.

More About Us

Amazfit authorized distributor for the Latin America market;

  1. Original products, quality assurance, 1 year warranty;
  2. Extremely competitive prices;
  3. Most Amazfit models are in stock for fast delivery;
  4. Low min order quantity available to support new customers;
  5. Potential opportunities to be our region/ area wholesalers;
  6. Mature logistics and customs clearance solutions;
We are currently looking for wholesalers and retailers. In the future, we will choose some of them to be our region/ area wholesalers to take care of all the orders from sub-wholesalers, retailers, etc. That means much more market and profits.

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Good price, Low MOQ, Competitive prices!

Your information will be safe and not released to anyone else. And we only deal with wholesalers and retailers. We do not sell 1 unit watch. Please be noted!